Industry Chain
Standard monocrystalline silicon wafers
High-precision control of silicon chip quality with the aid of big data
Quality and reliable cells
High conversion efficiency based on JA Solar's independently-developed efficient Cell technology and time-tested choice in silicon chip size
State-of-the-art high-efficiency modules
High-efficiency, high-output, high-power generation capacity, and high-reliability module products
Power station solutions
Professional management and control system for the entire process, offering customers one-stop multi-functional solutions
Distributed Commercial Solutions
Distributed Commercial Solutions
Take advantage of the sun's power with JA Solar's rooftop PV system. Business owners can save on electricity costs and earn additional income by using the generated solar power for their own needs and selling the excess back to the grid.
Household PV Solutions
Household PV Solutions
Our Household PV System is a cutting-edge solution that allows homeowners to generate their own electricity and save on energy costs. With this system, DC electricity is converted into AC by an inverter and monitored by a meter box. The generated electricity can be used by the household or sold back to the State Grid at the local electricity rate, providing additional income.
Large-scale Power Plant Solutions
Large-scale Power Plant Solutions
At JA Solar we specialize in multi-form photovoltaic (PV) power plants, including conventional centralized PV power plants, Agri Voltaics , Floating Solar PV power plants, and  and other forms. Additionally, we offer multi-energy power plants with wind and solar storage, source-grid-load-storage integrated power plants, and other innovative energy solutions. Our aim is to drive the transition to green energy and reduce carbon emissions, ultimately working towards carbon neutrality.
Carbon Free Power Plant
Carbon Free Power Plant
We have developed a smart energy management platform to address carbon asset management and electricity market trading.
Energy Storage Solutions
Energy Storage Solutions
As one of JA Solar emerging businesses in smart energy, JA Solar Energy Storage is a crucial part of the company's " one body, two wings " strategy. JA Solar Energy Storage is dedicated to becoming a leading global provider of energy storage products and solutions, creating a smart, low-carbon, and safe and efficient electric environment for all.

Products are available in 130 countries and regions

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