Monocrystalline 60-cell
50% Installation Time
20W>Industry average

  • JAM6(FA)-60/4BB
  • Industry average

Fast and easy installation

Only 3 parts are necessary for the installing, mounting and grounding which reduces installation time considerably

Lower installation time




Low installation costs

ZEP module: up to 50% lower costs

Lower installation cost


High mechanical load resistance

Maximum Static Load, Front 5400Pa (112 lb/ft2

Maximum Static Load,Back 2400Pa (50 lb/ft2)

Approx. 8% more power output per m²

Higher conversion efficiency, higher capacity and power output performance per unit area

Note: Data is based on a comparison of the JAM 6(FA)-60/4BB module (280W) and  similar products on the market (260W).   

Industry average



Higher module efficiency reduces system costs per watt

Reduction of transportation costs: 7%
Reduction of land costs: 5%
Reduction of installation costs: 4%
Reduction of Bos-costs: 3%

Note: Data is based on a comparison of the JAM 6(FA)-60/4BB module (280W) and similar products on the market (260W).

  • 7% lowerTransportation costs
  • 5% lowerLand costs
  • 4% lowerInstallation costs
  • 3% lowerBos costs

High Reliability

Excellent anti-PID performance

Double EL test guarantees fault-free modules

Lower contact resistance and optimized soldering connections and reduced cell grid breakage through double-printing technology

100% automated manufacturing facilities with state-of-the-art manufacturing technology

4-busbar cell design

Higher conversion efficiency and higher reliability

PV Module


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