Multicrystalline 60-cell double glass 1500V module
PID free

Especially fitted to endure harsh environment, like desert and seaside

Quality assured by 30-year linear power output

83% power output for 30 years and more output during product lifecycle

0.5% Annual Degradation
Over 30 years
Additional Value From 30-Year Warranty
JA Standard

PID free

traditional module-
compulsory grounding
1500V double glass module-
no frame design, free from grounding

1500V-lower system cost per watt

The module meets a maximum system voltage of 1500V and could allow 50% more main string in a system, thus reducing the system cost per watt on a whole.

Reduced Voc
Without JA 1500V module
20 PCS module/main string
With JA 1500V module
26 PCS module/main string
Reduce BOS cost

High Reliability

Traditional polymer back sheet is replaced by tempered glass, which brings higher reliability and better anti-corrosiveness to the module

Fireproof glass back sheet, much safer

Excellent mechanical load resistance, certified to withstand high wind loads (2400Pa) and high snow loads (5400Pa)

Subfissure-free ( 100% passing double EL tests before leaving the factory)

Double printing technology can significantly reduce cell grid breakage with better back contact and soldering performance

100% automatic and autonomous manufacturing

Cell grid breakage
Silicon wafer
First printing
Silicon wafer
Double printing

PV Module


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